| July 1st, 2021

Machine parts

Antimicrobial additives have been used in plastic parts to protect consumer products. They pre­vent objectionable odors and aesthetic problems such as staining or growth of microbes on the substrates. The most common problem for product developers is the lack of availability of an antimicrobial that can withstand the challenge of the high processing temperatures used to produce these consumer products.

Look no further, Purista® 100 is a Zinc Oxide based antimicrobial with an extremely high temperature stability for easy incorporation into plastics. Formulated products with other actives are also available to customize the product for specific needs.

Typical Applications

Purista® products are effective in plastics such as nylon and polyesters, where high processing temperatures (> 200 °C) are used to make the parts. Typical applications include:

  • Textiles including apparel and home textiles
  • Carpet fibers, underlay & mats
  • Furniture (e.g. outdoor, leisure, water bed liners, cushions)
  • HVAC and other filters
  • Coated fabric (e.g. ski wear, raincoats, tents, seat covers)
  • Outdoor recreations products
  • Car interior trim parts

Purista® 100: Performs Where Others Can’t

In order to produce thin and intricate consumer products designed by developers, the process engineers are constantly pushing the process conditions to its extremes. One specific process parameter used is higher process temperature.  This reduces the viscosity of the polymer melt and helps to fill thin part molds. For cost competitiveness, the engineers are also maximizing the number of parts made for every cycle in the molding machine. These two critical process needs can now be fulfilled by Pursita® 100. It is based on Zinc ion technology, an essential mineral for life.  Pursita® 100 brings the same broad spectrum performance you’d expect from other YOU Protected™ solutions, but now with the added benefit of withstanding higher temperatures during product manufacturing.

Contact us to see if Purista® products offer the right technology for solving your microbial growth problems.

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